Private jet charter companies have accepted cryptocurrency (typically bitcoin ‘BTC’) as a form of payment for years. Bitcoin is a reserve currency, currently trading around $60,000 USD each. A long term investment that is up 7,000% in five years.  Turning bitcoin wealth into private charter flights is like cashing in your 401k for a bender in Vegas. This isn’t that. This is life transforming. The ideas that I am about to share will leverage a relatively small investment into enduring upside for you and your family.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented surge in crypto wealth. There are now over 100,000 bitcoin accounts worth $1 million or more.  This wealth lives inside their crypto accounts, and for the last several years, many have watched their portfolio grow and grow. 

Private air travel affords business and lifestyle benefits that need no explanation. In today’s world, the surge in demand for lift, coupled with supply chain constraints, has led to shocking pricing and availability gaps.  Fuel to the fire is this boom in new wealth and new demands on the system. Sure, some payments for charter services are made in crypto, but that betrays the true potential for a life changing outcome of a long term private aviation solution. 

Cryptocurrency millionaires are looking for meaningful ways to deploy their wealth while protecting -even enhancing- their privacy. 

Crypto investors are wired to avoid cashing in digital wealth into dollars because that’s turning their appreciating asset into a depreciating asset. In addition to tax implications, cashing in a significant amount of crypto can impact your overall financial privacy.  Thus, the crypto boom has fueled a corresponding boom in assets -like real estate- that can be purchased in crypto. 

I will humbly state that no purchase in your life can be as satisfying as owning a jet that you can fly on. Freedom of movement (“Safe Passage”) is the new aspirational goal.  Before the pandemic, 90% of people who could afford private air travel, didn’t.  Today, that number is closer to 75%.  There are just a lot more millionaires now.   

Tax benefits of private jet ownership are not lost on cryptocurrency investors 

Through at least the end of this year, purchasers of new and used private aircraft ,may fully depreciate 100 percent of aircraft purchase and upgrades, by entering their jet into service in 2021. This is called bonus depreciation. Our NNN leasing structure, explained below, is 100 percent business use of the asset, allowing for even private individuals who own an aircraft personally, to get the full bonus depreciation tax benefit. 

Cryptocurrency investors can use pretax, private, digital wealth to purchase an asset that may be 100% depreciated in the same year.

How I can help: 

I offer two long term programs for investors to participate in our fleet growth, by capitalizing a jet (or fraction of a jet) in cash or cryptocurrency, and in turn access the fleet at a low owner rate that is about half of retail. 

(Program One) Turnkey fractional ownership in a unique asset class of light, mid and supermid jets for up to 50 hours per year.

My business offers a unique value proposition in our Private Jet Co-Ownership program

Simply stated, we capitalize the purchase of a light, midsize, or supermid jet with (4) equal investments (which become secured interests in a jet), enter that jet into charter service where the retail public subsidizes investor rates that are about half of retail.

Lear 31A: 50 occupied hours per year for $3,000/hr, $300,000 (5) buy in

Lear 55: 50 occupied hours per year for $3,450/hr, $385,000 (6) buy in

Falcon 50: 50 occupied hours per year for $4,350/hr, $600,000 (10) buy in

(Program Two) Triple net aircraft leasing with higher usage limits

In a NNN lease, we lease the aircraft from the owner, paying a fixed monthly rent, cover all expenses, with the Owner flying on the broader fleet for about half of retail on an occupied hourly rate basis. Owners may elect to receive their monthly aircraft rent payment in cryptocurrency.

[WATCH] video presentation on NNN Aircraft Leasing

This month, a handful of cryptocurrency millionaires have taken ownership of their air mobility needs, and made the world a smaller and more manageable space, by investing a small amount of their digital portfolio into a long term private air travel solution. This is a giant emerging market full of young, fun, lifestyle private jet travelers who need lifestyle solutions. 

If you’re like a lot of people I know, you enjoy flying privately. There is nothing like the excitement you feel the morning before a flight. It also feels bad to spend money unnecessarily. In this climate, it’s hard to have one without the other, and the cost factor diminishes the joy factor.

Let’s capture the joy.  If you would like to take action over your next five plus years of private air travel, now is a great time to have that discussion while we can transact in 2021. 


Justin Sullivan