The pandemic-precipitated decline in the aviation industry’s commercial air sector sent global air carriers into a virtual nose dive. However, this freefall certainly did not match the trajectory for the private air travel segment. In fact, the May 2020 reversal of many United States lockdown restrictions spurred well-heeled leisure travelers to take to the skies again.

This time, however, wealthy flyers weren’t willing to trust their personal safety to a commercial carrier’s first-class cabin. Instead, they simply chartered their own private jet, ensuring control over virtually all aspects of their flight. 

Wealthy Travelers Boost Aviation Industry Recovery This rising tide of luxury air travel has given the industry a much-needed boost. The summer 2020 traffic numbers were only about 20% lower than summer 2019’s figures, says Business Insider. This positive trend mirrored that of a McKinsey & Company study. Together, the analyses revealed a burgeoning market of high net worth flyers who are very receptive to this mode of travel.

Not surprisingly, rates for private charters are rising, as demand has eclipsed supply especially for one-way, point to point travel.  

Solving the Executive Air Transport Challenge As the private air travel leisure market accelerates, another segment is resolving its own transport challenges. Major North American enterprise firms frequently send their executives around the country for meetings, plant visits, and marketing engagements. Flights for top-tier clients are also common. When an executive earns a reward, it’s often in the form of personal travel to a desirable destination.  

With fewer direct flights, and executives reluctant to fly commercially because of health risks, an alternative method of transport is clearly necessary. To complicate the issue, even companies with corporate jets are unable to service the one-way demands of teams across multiple facilities, forcing companies to pay for expensive lift. 

AJAX Jets Offers Seamless Executive Air Transport For Corporate Members. Enter AJAX Jets, a rapidly growing “private airline” that provides executive air transport for half the cost of a NetJets flight. The company provides on-demand, one-way service throughout North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  Companies and executives looking to solve their Executive Air Mobility challenges can subscribe to the service and guarantee access to lift at below market rates. 

AJAX operates a “floating fleet” of 9-seat “Super Midsize” Falcon jets and 14-seat “Heavy” Falcon executive jets. These executive-cabin corporate jets were manufactured in the 1980s and 1990s, and have been refurbished with new cabin interiors. Latest generation flight systems (called avionics) and highly trained pilots keep the aircraft flying safely.

At the beginning of 2020, AJAX Jets operated two aircraft. The company currently has 12 executive jets in its stable, and expects a 25-plane fleet by late 2021.   

An AJAX Jets flight offers impeccable service from start to finish. Clients enjoy trip coordination and professional flight concierge services. Underway, executives savor gourmet snacks and optional bottle service. Flight attendant services are also available.

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Most importantly, AJAX Jets has rigorous health and safety standards in place. Consisting of land-based and in-flight protocols, they are collectively designed to ensure a safe flight for passengers and crew.

Each AJAX Jets aircraft is owned by a high net worth family or business, who access the AJAX fleet for half the published hourly rates. For reference, the “Super Midsize” jets charter for $7,000/hour, while “Heavy” jets go for $11,000/hour. 

AJAX Jets’ Remarkably Efficient Business Model A well-designed business model and unique asset class, give AJAX Jets five key competitive advantages. Together, they position company for explosive growth

The Market: The private air travel market is extremely strong, and is forecasted to grow.

The Asset Class: Like Southwest Airlines, AJAX solely operates one aircraft type Falcon jets. The company’s pilots all fly the same type of aircraft. Maintenance team members, avionics engineers, and parts personnel are all aligned on one operating platform.  

The Beneficial Capital Structure: AJAX Jets’ capital structure is very light. Every jet is owned by an investor, who leases the plane to the company in return for reduced flight time costs.  This structure has allowed AJAX to scale very quickly and focus on delivering a high-quality product.    

The Efficient Aircraft: AJAX Jets operates very capital-efficient aircraft. An early 1990’s jet with new interior and updated avionics costs about 10% as much as a comparable new jet.  The efficiency doesn’t stop there.  Falcon Jets have strong short runway capability, coast to coast range, and can safely bring you into treacherous mountainous airports like Aspen and Telluride. 

The People: In 2020, AJAX Jets added 32 employees, primarily pilots along with dispatch and maintenance personnel. A large pool of furloughed aviation professionals enables AJAX to hire only the best.

With its impressive business model and top-tier talent, AJAX Jets is well positioned to become a major player in the private aviation arena. To learn more about AJAX’s Executive Air Mobility, Asset Management, or Charter solutions, call CEO Justin Sullivan directly at 617-943-5387 or email